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IT Services in Maldon


My CTO Ltd – a local business supplying IT Services in Maldon to local businesses.

  • Does your business rely on IT Services in Maldon?
  • Do you want to be kept updated on the best services for your business?
  • Are you paying more for your IT services than you should be and want to reduce costs?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above then we can help.

As a business based in Maldon, we really appreciate the great culture, restaurants and shops in the town and surrounding areas. We also benefit from the amazing variety of excellent local business services available which cater for pretty much all our needs.

Are you a Small Business under 10 users?

Small Business IT Services

If you are a small business who needs flexible and friendly IT Services in Maldon, including IT Support and Managed Services, please click the bright orange button below to visit our Small Business IT Services page.


We believe that our IT Services in Maldon will not disappoint either. Providing a variety of IT Consultancy services including IT Support in Maldon, My CTO Ltd are ideally located to provide local businesses with IT services. Services including Cybersecurity Consultancy and Solutions, supply of Microsoft 365 licensing for Email and the development and deployment of SharePoint, IT Business Continuity as well as general IT advice and support.

Our Maldon IT Consultancy services for small businesses, provide flexible services and solutions to meet your budget and need.

Example Services

Does your current IT solution provide you with the flexibility that can be achieved by deploying the Microsoft 365 suite of products?

My CTO Ltd have provided our full range of IT consultancy services to many small businesses. Providing advice, design & delivery to help them with their transformation from what we view as traditional to cloud based solutions.

Our clients set out to improve the performance of their IT systems and the efficiency and happiness of their staff. Increase the reliability of the platforms they need to operate the business daily. Vastly improve the flexibility of their technology to accommodate unexpected changes in working arrangements. Enrich the collaboration of the team internally and working with their clients. Reduce the overall running costs to the business and the unknown costs which arise from downtime.

We evaluate:

1. Performance – over time hardware cannot keep pace with the changes to the software applications necessary for the business to operate.
2. Reliability – Your investment in hardware, unfortunately, does not get better over time. Technology we use on a day to day basis becomes less reliable and more prone to breakdown which can lead to costly repairs or delays in serving your clients.
3. Flexibility – This year has been exceptional. However, it has highlighted for many small businesses how rigid their technology is and it has not made life easy when adapting to the changes that have been forced up on us.
4. Cost – The cost of failing IT systems and services is difficult to quantify. But when you are unable to serve your clients or your staff are idle, it certainly won’t be cheap.

These are just a handful of issues which I am sure you have experienced with your technology.


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