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Cyber-attacks are generally executed by an unauthorized person in an attempt to gain access to the information systems of organizations. Often these attacks are not targeted but generated randomly to take advantage of weaknesses in a business’s Cyber-defences.

The major reason why companies fall prey to cyber-attacks is that they do not anticipate one and hence fail to have fundamental controls in place. A good benchmark to work towards is the UK Cyber Essentials certification, providing 5 core principles and controls to help protect against cyber threats.


Having worked in the cybersecurity industry for over a decade, we possess complete knowledge of protecting data, computers, electronic systems, networks, servers, and mobile devices from cyber-attacks, damage, or any unauthorized access.

Our hands on experience and expertise in the industry has successfully allowed us to emerge as a market leader among the cybersecurity consultants in London and the home counties. This recognition is solid proof of our skill and determination. Our highly-skilled, trained, and qualified experts work closely with the management of your business to align security practices and policies that would complement your operational goals.


Our cybersecurity strategies are customized to fulfil the client’s goals and objectives. All of our experts are extremely detailed while implementing a secure framework that outlines the business objectives, analyses the risks, prioritizes the gaps, and redefines tolerance levels.

In addition, our cybersecurity consultants have a solid reputation for guarding businesses against cyber-attacks or any other suspicious activity. What makes us stand out from the rest of the cybersecurity firms in London is our crystal clear communication to our clients; our advisory services meet security project goals in a shorter period of time via on-demand, by project security consulting as well as retained services throughout the year.

We further assure you to take responsibility for protecting all your systems, information, and important data. Your safety is our top priority, and we are determined to make your entire company feel safe by focusing on risk management and mitigation.


We keep our clients updated with the latest applications, technologies, policies, and top practices. We also provide complimentary training to personnel and help to prepare them for efficiently responding to incidents. Our cybersecurity services can add monetary value to your company, while also making sure that your reputation is improved.

Any advancement in your security will benefit your business by improving the protection of your system, data and, by protecting hardware and computers from malware, the durability of the equipment is not compromised.

The perfect cybersecurity protocols serve to boost employee productivity to a great extent. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable cybersecurity consultancy in London, give us a call! We will be delighted to lock the door of your company, so no unauthorized person can get inside!


All businesses need to secure their data and systems. My CTO Cybersecurity consultancy will help you protect your business. We deploy cost effective Cybersecurity solutions to secure your email, protect against viruses and malware, and secure your mobile devices. We will also educate your users on how to deal with  suspicious email and harmful threats which could compromise your data and systems.

A great baseline for your Cybersecurity is Cyber Essentials. We can create the policies required and configure your existing solutions or supply new to secure your network beyond that required by the Cyber Essentials standard. The standard, set by the UK Government and the National Cyber Security Centre, has 5 key principles which will help protect your business from Cyber fraud. If you gain certification, you will demonstrate to your clients that you take the safety of their data seriously. You will also be eligible to trade within government supply chains which could be essential for your business.


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