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Our Small Business IT Support, IT Security & Cloud services cater for Micro and Small businesses in Essex, London and the home counties. We provide expert advice helping you make the most of technologies such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint & OneDrive cloud services and communication tools like Microsoft Teams. We will protect your business network with industry award winning Cybersecurity solutions and provide you with the advice and support you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Microsoft 365 Services

Does your network need a refresh? Old server? Sharing files from a hard drive or across your PC’s? Have your key applications such as accounting software or databases now moved in to the cloud?

Microsoft 365 is probably a perfect solution for you with incredibly cost effective access to Email, Office Applications and online file sharing via SharePoint services.

Imagine all your data and email residing in a secure cloud location that removes the restrictions associated with locating your files in the office. The ability to work from anywhere, securely and easily has never been more important or necessary than it is today.

If you have Microsoft 365 all ready, you are half way there! If you need to start from scratch then we are also here to help!

Whatever your situation, we can provide you the tools and the support you need to move your business in to the Cloud.


All businesses need to secure their data and systems. My CTO Small Business IT Services include Cybersecurity consultancy to help you protect your business. We deploy cost effective Cybersecurity solutions to secure your email, protect against viruses and malware, and secure your mobile devices. We will also educate your users on how to deal with  suspicious email and harmful threats which could compromise your data and systems.

Email Security

Our Email Security solutions prevent Malware, Ransomware and more targeted threats that can compromise your Email and your business.

Our Advanced Threat Protection package is only £1.50 per month per user and gives you the protection you need to secure your email and give you peace of mind.

Bolt on options available: Email Archiving, Email Continuity & Secure Email functionality with document approval features – for when you need that urgent signature on an order!

Endpoint Security

Studies show that over 50% of small and medium businesses fall victim to cyber-attacks. That’s why we take your security seriously and make sure that you have great protection on your endpoints. Protecting your business from ransomware and other attacks minimising the risks of a security breach that could compromise your business.

Our standard security package can be accessed either on a monthly managed service or purchased as a subscription license with options for 1,2 or 3 years attracting great discounts.

Next Generation Firewalls

A Firewall is essential to help prevent intruders accessing your data and critical services and to provide a secure tunnel for your team to access the business network. Fortunately, most business grade Internet routers offer a basic level of protection and VPN access. However, if your data is located on your office network, you should consider a Next Generation Firewall which will vastly increase the security and prevention of data loss.

A great analogy to understand what a Firewall does is a comparison to Airport Security. Think of your Internet Router as “Passport Control”. A router checks to see if you have the credentials to enter or leave the network, in the same way Passport Control check our passports are valid. Ok that’s great but think what could happen if the passport has been stolen and altered to appear legitimate? The holder could be carrying dangerous items in their bag to cause harm to the passengers.

The next check at the Airport is designed to catch this, baggage security and it’s at this point that Airport security can prevent the passenger going any further. Think of a Next Generation firewall as combining these checks. What appears to be legitimate access your network could have been compromised and the Firewall will check inside the data to see if there is anything nasty and simply block it.

Ask us about our Firewall solutions to protect your network today.

Cyber Essentials

A great baseline for your Cybersecurity is Cyber Essentials. We create the policies required and secure your network to ensure it meets the Cyber Essentials standard level. This standard, set by the UK Government and the National Cyber Security Centre, has 5 key principles which will help protect your business from Cyber fraud. If you gain certification you will also be eligible to trade within government supply chains which could be essential for trade.

Small Business IT Support

All these services, backed by our great IT support, are what you need to make your business run efficiently and securely letting you focus on what you do best.

For more information on our Small Business IT support services, please visit our Small Business IT Support page here.

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